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Crack Into Easter Fun at Hotpot City!

This Easter, why not savor more than just chocolate eggs? Hop into a bubbling pot of joy at Hotpot City, where the tradition of gathering around a steaming pot is as festive and enjoyable as any celebration!

Conveniently located in Bankstown and Hurstville, Hotpot City is the perfect destination for an egg- straordinary Easter. With 12 soup bases to choose from, each pot holds its own delightful surprise. And just like an Easter hunt, our wide selection of over 100 hotpot ingredients allows you to explore and create your perfect meal. Don't forget to visit our sauce bar, where you can mix and match to concoct the ideal dipping sauce that suits your taste!

Hotpot Buffet, Family, Seafood and Meat hotpot buffet

At Hotpot City, inclusivity and joy are at the heart of our every meal. We proudly cater to diverse dietary needs, offering halal, non-halal, nut-free options, and more. Everyone can join in the fun and indulge in a feast without any compromises.

Gather your loved ones and experience a warm and festive celebration. It's time to create new traditions and savor the joy of the season, one ladleful at a time!

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